War Widows' Guild of Australia  

The Guild and its Mission

The War Widows' Guild of Australia NSW Ltd, originally established in 1946, is a not for profit membership-based organisation whose mission is to promote and protect the interests of war widows. The Guild became a public company limited by guarantee in 1998. It is a public benevolent institution with deductible gift recipient status.

The Guild provides a range of services to war widows, and operates with significant volunteer input from its thousands members. However, because of the size and complexity of running the organisation, it has a small staff to manage the day to day operations.

Guild Motto

The Motto was adopted by the national Guild in 1949 at its third annual conference to set the mood, the tone, the harmony, the working-together of not only the conference but the Guild in the years to come.

'We all belong to each other. We all need each other. It is in serving each other and in sacrificing for our common good that we are finding our true life.'

●  Annual Report, 2018.   (pdf 93kb)


●  Financial Report, 2018.   (pdf 93kb)


●  Read the latest Guild Digest, June 2018.   (pdf 93kb)


●  Reference Guide, 2018.   (pdf 0.6mb)


●  Statement to A Current Affair - War Widows Guild housing, Oct 2017   (pdf 93kb)



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War Widows' Guild of Australia NSW Limited
Level 14
227 Elizabeth Street
Sydney NSW 2000

Tel 02 9267 6577
Toll free 1800 451 615
(country members)

Fax 02 9267 6601

Donations to the Guild are greatly appreciated and are applied to support war widows.  Donations are tax deductible.

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