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Since 1946, Australian War Widows NSW has promoted and protected the interests of war widows in NSW. Today, AWWNSW offers services, support and advocacy for all women and families united by Defence service.

AWWNSW is an independent and inclusive organisation who supports, and is a voice for, veterans and their families to help them navigate life in and out of service. We are guided by our principles of lead, empower, grow.

Veterans’ families including widows and women connected to the Australian Defence Force can:

  • Access a growing and diverse program of services
  • Have their voice heard by government and key stakeholders
  • Find a growing community of those with like experiences
  • Access Board Directorship opportunities available
  • Contribute to building a new organisation that represents their interests and meets their needs
  • Attend our events

 Australian War Widows NSW also accepts members of the veteran community as members of the Company. As a member-based organisation, War Widows is owned by the veteran community, specifically widows and families.

AWWNSW is an inclusive organisation who defines family in a broad manner. A family member of a veteran may include:

  • current or former spouses/partners of veterans
  • biological or stepparents of veterans
  • biological/step/adopted grandparents of veterans
  • biological/ step/ adopted children of veterans; and/ or
  • biological/step/adopted siblings of veterans.

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