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Established for women, by women, the Australian War Widows NSW Ltd is a not-for-profit membership-based organisation whose mission is to promote and protect the interests of widows in NSW. The organisation was founded in 1946 by Mrs Jessie Vasey, widow of Major-General George Alan Vasey.

Originating as a craft guild for war widows to supplement below-basic-wage-level pensions, the organisation has been relentless in working to improve the lives of war widows. Gained entitlements include the War Widows’ Pension, tax-free and indexed to the CPI; the Domestic Allowance; Income Support Supplement and health and medical entitlements. Other successes have come in the form of concessions for transport, water and council rates, free car registration and drivers licences.

War Widows NSW provides a range of services to war widows and operates with significant volunteer input from its thousands of members and its small staff.

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