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The organisation’s mission is to promote and protect the interests of war widows in NSW.



War Widows NSW’s motto was adopted by the national Guild in 1949 at its third annual conference to set the mood, tone, harmony and the working together of the conference and the Guild.

“We all belong to each other. We all need each other. It is in serving each other and in sacrificing for our common good that we are finding our true life.”  King George VI, extract from 1941 Christmas message




  1. War Widows NSW belongs to the members and their needs set the orgaisation’s priorities.
  2. We encourage active participation by members for members in the spirit of self-help exemplified by the organisation’s motto.
  3. We value each other and are courteous and respectful of each other, maintaining privacy, seeking and appreciating each other’s views and differences.
  4. War widows have vitality and we try to enhance their ability to have fun and enjoy life.

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