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Who runs Australian War Widows NSW?

Australian War Widows NSW is governed by a board of directors. Our members elect up to six directors, three directors are appointed by the Board.

The board of Australian War Widows NSW LTD (AWWNSW) is focused on the effective governance of the company, including strategic direction, reputation, finance, compliance and risk management. The board does not manage staff other than the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and is not involved in day-to-day operations.

The board structure

The AWWNSW Board of Directors comprises 3-9 positions which are allocated as follows:

  • Up to 6 directors to be elected by the membership
  • Up to 3 directors to be appointed by the board based on their skills and experience
  • At all times, the board must comprise a majority of directors who are members of the company.

Elected directors are appointed for three years and can stand for re-election following completion of their first term. Elected directors can serve a maximum of two terms.

The board’s role

  • Set and monitor the strategic direction for AWWNSW
  • Review financial statements, approve the budget and ensure that the financial assets of the organisation are safeguarded and used appropriately
  • Monitor performance of the organisation and assure that the principal risks it faces are identified, and that appropriate controls are in place to manage the impact of these risks
  • Ensure compliance with all governing laws and regulations
  • Set, approve and amend governance policies and delegate the responsibility for implementation to the CEO
  • Recruit, hire, evaluate, guide and manage the CEO, including determining the remuneration package
  • Review the composition of the board, including performance and refreshment
  • Ensuring sound succession planning including strategies to assure the board is comprised of individuals who can meet the responsibilities of directors.

The directors are accountable to the members of the organisation. They are required to provide annual audited accounts and a report of the organisation’s activities to the Australian Charities and Not-For-Profits Commission (ACNC), in addition to providing access to the latest annual audited report. Information about the organisation’s finances and activities are provided to members at the Annual General Meeting and are available on the ACNC website.

The State President is appointed by the board annually. The role of the State President is to undertake representational, ceremonial and symbolic activities for the organisation.


The Australian War Widows NSW Ltd (AWWNSW) was established in 1946. AWWNSW exists to support and empower all veterans’ families in Australia. AWWNSW does so because of the impacts of the unique nature of military service on them and the burdens they carry on behalf of a grateful nation.

AWWNSW is an inclusive, non-judgmental safe space for spouses of veterans, ex-spouses of veterans, parents of veterans, widows of veterans, siblings and carers of veterans – serving or not.

AWWNSW is on an incredibly rapid journey of expansion and change led by War Widows in NSW who collectively have recognised that all veterans’ families need AWWNSW as well and the services it offers the community. AWWNSW is making fundamental and structural changes including changing its name and the way it delivers services to better reflect what it does, who it supports and represents and cater for unmet needs within the community.

AWWNSW has a strong and positive team culture which is supported at all levels of the organisation. AWWNSW values include:

  • Respect
  • Inclusivity
  • Compassion
  • Collaboration
  • Community; and
  • Integrity

These values are reflected in AWWNSW governing documents and codes of conduct that apply to directors, staff and members. AWWNSW prioritises the right candidate for the role and the organisation above technical capability.

AWWNSW has a five-year strategy which is guiding its expansion and growth. Priority work under this plan includes removing all barriers to membership and engagement with the organisation, expanding its focus, refining its service offer and increasing the value it provides to the veteran family community. The Strategy will result in a future focused organisation that continues the work and legacy born in the aftermath of World War Two.


AWWNSW has a constitution which sets down how it will operate as an organisation. Members agree to be bound by the rules of the organisation when they join. A copy of the constitution can be downloaded below.


Whistleblower Policy

The AWWNSW Whistleblower Policy encourages reporting of wrongdoing that is of legitimate concern by providing a convenient and safe reporting mechanism, and protection for people who make serious wrongdoing disclosures. This policy reflects AWWNSW’s obligations in relation to raising concerns and protection of whistleblowers as set out in the Corporations Act 2001.

Complaints Policy and Procedure

The AWWNSW Complaints Policy and Procedure is intended to ensure that we handle complaints fairly, efficiently and effectively. This policy provides guidance to our staff and people who wish to make a complaint on the key principles and concepts of our complaint management system.

Privacy Policy

The AWWNSW Complaints Privacy Policy explains to members and clients how their information is collected, used and handled by AWWNSW. It also explains how the privacy of members and clients is maintained and protected.

AWWNSW Board of Directors

AWWNSW is led by a board of directors. The board consists of nine directors, who provide strategic oversight of the organisation, setting the strategic direction and ensureing that the organisation has the resources it needs to service its community.

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