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The Friendship Line is a popular service staffed by volunteer members who bring understanding and warmth to other members who may be experiencing difficult times, heading to the hospital, celebrating birthdays or are housebound.

Originally set up to help combat the social isolation felt by country members, the Friendship Line now provides a sense of community for all members and is an opportunity for women to share their stories. This is particularly important for members who may not belong to a Guild or Social club or may be isolated by health or distance. Our volunteers also reach out to members who may be affected by floods, fire or drought throughout the year.

The Friendship Line’s purpose is not to give advice or provide counselling, but rather a ‘listening ear’, with empathy, respect and compassion. With volunteers signing a privacy agreement, all conversations remain confidential.

Volunteers make calls Monday to Friday between 10am and 3pm. All members can register to receive calls by contacting the office on 1800 451 615.


“…if we know of people…who are going through a bad time, or may be housebound, it may be just that they desperately need verbal communication…and we are happy to ring those members. We also ring everyone, city or country, when they turn ninety and every year thereafter…”


Mary Burchell, Friendship Line founder, No Peacetime Cinderellas



“Thank you for sending the lovely Christmas card to our dearest mum. To think you took the time to sit down and write individual cards to all the War Widows means so much to us. Whilst mum can no longer write or speak much these days, I truly know she appreciated this gesture.”

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