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Your doctor may suggest you have a home visit by an Occupational Therapist (OT) and provide you with a referral to help you remain independent. During this visit the OT will discuss any concerns and may recommend equipment or ways of doing things to make it easier for you to continue to live safely at home. Equipment includes personal care items, rails, personal alarms and fall prevention items. The OT will submit the request to DVA for approval. Conditions apply.

The OT may suggest modifications to your home, for example a ramp instead of stairs. DVA’s Home Modifications program will assess their recommendations, consider various options, and review home ownership to determine if they will pay for the modification.

Veterans Home Care (VHC) Low level support at home is provided by VHC to Gold Card holders. Services provided include domestic assistance, personal care, unaccompanied shopping, safety related home and garden maintenance (includes cleaning gutters, window cleaning) and in-home respite care. All services are provided on assessed needs. VHC service limitations and fees vary depending on the type of service provided. VHC is separate to the community aged care services provided under My Aged Care. For a VHC assessment, tel 1300 550 450.

NSW Rural Fire Service operates the Assistance for Infirm, Disabled and Elderly Residents (AIDER) which helps older people live more safely and confidently in their home if they live in a bushfire prone area. They offer a free, one-off service which may include cleaning gutters, thinning vegetation and removing debris from around the house, tel 02 8741 4955.

State Emergency Service (SES) is a volunteer based emergency assistance and rescue service. They can provide continual up-to-date information on dangerous situations when they arise. In case of emergency, first contact the police, ambulance or fire brigade who may call on SES to assist, tel 13 25 00.

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