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Respite Care gives carers a break by temporarily relieving them of their caring responsibilities. Respite may be provided in your home or in residential care. Veterans Home Care (VHC) also provides in-home respite.

To access respite in residential care contact My Aged Care to organise an ACAT assessment.

DVA will pay for up to 196 hours of combined (in-home and residential) respite per year. VHC must send a letter of authority to the residential facility if DVA is to fund any portion of the stay.

VHC also provides Emergency Short Term Home Relief (ESTHR) in an emergency for up to three days (72 hours) of continuous care (if the only alternative is hospital admission).

Residential Respite Care is different to Convalescent Care which is organised by your doctor to help you recover from an acute illness or operation.

For help with home care and the aged care system contact the Guild or My Aged Care, tel 1800 200 422.

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